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Thursday, January 13, 2011

For SPD driver install

For SPD driver install

after done pinout rx tx,,, ur spd asks for driver
pls follow these steps

in window "Welcome to the hardware wizard "

1. select "no not this time " press "next"

2. select "install from the list specific location (advanced) next

3. selcet "dont search i will choose the driver to install" next

4. select "show all devices " next

5. select "sciusb2serial version (11.11.2005)

6. select "have disk "

select the location of the file(driver name as "SciU2S.INF"

press ok
press next
select " continue any way " botton

now your driver is installed correctly

now enjoy with spd format and unlock ,,, everything

here is the screen shot

Spd USB-to-Serial=COM16
Connected...sending boot...
FDL test...OK
ArmBootMode: 6600700138E3A000_01
Wait for init SB...
Loading bootloader...
Changing baudrate...
Set baudrate to 921600 ok
Reading phone HW info...
Read info is done.
CPU: 66007001 Flash: NOR_ST_M58WR064KT
Set FLASH Parameters...
Settings have been completed!
Reading FileSystem info...
FileSystem Version: 0A
Start=0x00790000, Size=0x00060000
Unlocking all blocks before program/erase...
Unlock Done.
Auto formatting...



  1. then also it says that spd usb to serial not found please give me solution

  2. usb to serial not found ???????????????????????
    windows 7 ultimate 32bit